Our Mission


Our Mission


Our mission is to create a film that wakes up and heals America using satire, comedy and truth. We believe we are not red or blue America, we are one America. We hope to cure dystopian, partisan times by mocking both party’s anger, lunacy & ignorance that is dividing the country and everything that divides us as Americans. We must move forward  and laugh together again to heal this country. 

Jebus Movie

“Jebus” is a 90 minute feature film about a beach bum named Jebus sent by God to reteach America how to love each other during politically divided times. It is an irreverent satire that takes place in the beautiful, weird beach town of Gulfport. Jebus is played by Revel Media’s lead Enlightainer, Coley, who also wrote the script and plays multiples roles including Karen Snarlson (an old lady bigot), Pope Jake (a money hungry pastor) and The Man With All The Guns (a dooms day prepper who bought all guns in existence). Jebus is a spiritual manifesto that mocks our dystopic times. It will help us heal, laugh and move on from the pandemic era.   

Jebus Co-Op Production Company

80+ cast and crew members worked on this film for backend only as part of our conscious film production company co-op. That way most funds go to film production, distribution and marketing and all creators share in the profits of the film. We believe all creators should co-own their own work. 

About Revel Media


(verb) to take great pleasure or delight; to enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way

(noun) a boisterous festivity or celebration

(lifestyle) to Revel is to celebrate… life, love & makin’ stuff.

We make ENLIGHTAINMENT. Our mission is promote positivity, truth and the pursuit of dreams. We strive to live a fulfilling life while helping those around us. We appreciate the ridiculous and the simple. Optimism. Honesty. Hustle. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and laugh along the way. By reveling with faith, we get where we want while enjoying the journey. The Revel family is made up of like-minded artists and business people with the shared purpose of delivering fresh creations to the world. This is not just a company, but our life mission. Enjoy the ride.


Revel believes that success doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet. We vest partners in Revel’s collective success and encourage the promotion of truth and social causes. Our deals with creators are fair, transparent and with the big picture in mind. We believe this is not only the right thing to do, but also best for long-term, sustainable growth. Everyone in the Revel family is vested in each other and the company’s success. Revel’s win-win, conscious hustle approach maximizes positive influence on the planet, growth, happiness and makes the journey more meaningful. We pride ourselves on enlightainment…refreshing content that’s both purposeful and fun. We celebrate life as we create, infusing our process and art with positive sauce. Revel with us!