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revelutionary: anyone on a mission to change the planet positively. 

Our mission is to change the world via laughter and truth by making a genre of media we call Enlightainment. Revel Media produces purpose driven Films, TV Shows, Music and Podcasts that both entertain and educate. All donations go towards creation of more enlightainment to wake the world up. We appreciate all of our supporters who give us the opportunity to focus on creating content that solves sociopolitical challenges.


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So far we have raised and exhausted $100,000  in funds on the local community to make this incredible project come to life. All of that money went to local shops, restaurants and actors. We used the money to purchase camera and lighting  equipment along with covering funds for the building of sets and props for locally shot scenes. We are looking to raise a total of $40,000 more dollars for pick-up shots, the hiring of Birdman for a scene (F*ck yass) and to pay the local editors $1,000 stipends in order to pay their bills.  We have three local editors and $18,000 of the budget raised will go to the editing team to cover their bills for 6 months until the film is shopped to Netflix in January of 2023 with a release date of April 2023. $5,000-10,000 of the budget will go to Birdman for his scene in the movie. $5,000 will go to the lawyer who shops our final product to Netflix. The final $7,000 will go to flights and Air BnB costs for cast and crew for two travel location shoots. We appreciate your thoughts and love- let’s keep Gulfport weird!

About Revel Media



(verb) to take great pleasure or delight; to enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way

(noun) a boisterous festivity or celebration

(lifestyle) to Revel is to celebrate… life, love & makin’ stuff.

We make ENLIGHTAINMENT. Our mission is promote positivity, truth and the pursuit of dreams. We strive to live a fulfilling life while helping those around us. We appreciate the ridiculous and the simple. Optimism. Honesty. Hustle. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and laugh along the way. By reveling with faith, we get where we want while enjoying the journey. The Revel family is made up of like-minded artists and business people with the shared purpose of delivering fresh creations to the world. This is not just a company, but our life mission. Enjoy the ride.


Revel believes that success doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet. We vest partners in Revel’s collective success and encourage the promotion of truth and social causes. Our deals with creators are fair, transparent and with the big picture in mind. We believe this is not only the right thing to do, but also best for long-term, sustainable growth. Everyone in the Revel family is vested in each other and the company’s success. Revel’s win-win, conscious hustle approach maximizes positive influence on the planet, growth, happiness and makes the journey more meaningful. We pride ourselves on enlightainment…refreshing content that’s both purposeful and fun. We celebrate life as we create, infusing our process and art with positive sauce. Revel with us!

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